bellapro Injector™

Bellavita Injector™


Bellapro Injector covers a larger treatment area with less pain consistently delivering more accurate dosing and injections calibrated to a more precise depth than ever before.

Characteristics of product

bellapro-injector 2
Two Precise Swiss Motor Installed

Motor, a heart of Injector,is upgraded by two swiss maden motors. Calibrated to a more precision depth adjustment and accurate dosing by them.

Customizing Treatment

Programed customizable treatment options for face, neck & décolletage and scalp.

Minimizes Drug Loss

To minimize drug loss newly upgrad- ed technical program is applied.

Unique Vacuum Control For Less Pain

By low noise and soft vacuum pressu- re design, it is more quite, less bleeding and less pain.

Virus Sterilization Functions Installed

UV light cleaner installed kills 99.99% of viruses including CoronaVirus and bacteria in few seconds.

Manual And Automatic Control Programed

Automatic injection program and rem- oved suction function for scalp treat- ment


Wide 10.2 Inch Touch Screen

10.2” touch display panel, the biggest screen ever applied on meso gun, is applied on BellaVita injector to increase its visibility and simplicity of operation.

① Mode : Face / Neck / Scalp (Filler, Solution, Filler + Solution)
② Control Pannel
③ Sound ON / OFF
④ UV LED light ON / OFF
⑤ Reset
⑥ Injection Counts
⑦ Standby / Ready


Skincare treatment ㅣ Hyaluronic Acid, PRP, Placenta, Vitamin, Peptide
Skin rejuvenation treatment ㅣ Filler, Toxin, Derma Toxin
Scalp and Hair treatment ㅣ Meso-Alopecia, Hydro Toxin
Body contour treatment ㅣ LLD, PPC, HPL and etc

Skin Rejuvenation