Bellavita Injector™

Bellavita Injector™


With 10.4” touch screen display, user can apply depth and volume of the contents like hydration injection, PRP, and lipolysis injection by convenient operation settings which can expect detailed results.

Characteristics of product

Customizing Treatment

By having three mode options of Filler, Solution and Filler+Solution, it is possible to adjust injector machine by choices of contents.
BellaVita injector is capable to tailored treatment by adjustable and customizable options to inject exact depths and volumes.

Patented Needle

By using patent needle, which is 32G with 9 pin, fitted with disposable suction filter(to prevent inflow of foreign objects), increased vacuum pressure, decreased pain and made more convenient to use.

Minimizes Drug Loss

To minimize drug loss, new technical program is applied and to have stronger torque and enhanced tolerance, motor is upgraded by Environmental BLDC motor on BellaVita injector.

Vacuum Control

By low noise and high vacuum pressure design, it is more quiet and less bleeding compare to other injectors.

Simplicity of Use
Increased main body LCD screen enlarging additional functions to be used at the screen and reduced operation buttons at the gun to enhance convenience of surgical procedure.

10.4 inch Touch Screen Display in

10.4” touch display panel, the biggest screen ever applied on meso gun, is applied on BellaVita injector to increase its visibility and simplicity of operation.

1. Mode (Filler, Solution, Filler+Solution)
2. sound on
3. sound off
4. Reset
5. Control Pannel
6. M1, M2, M3 (Memory)
7. Inject Counts
8. Standby/start

Skincare treatment ㅣ Hyaluronic Acid, PRP, Placenta, Vitamin, Peptide
Skin rejuvenation treatment ㅣ Filler, Toxin, Derma Toxin
Scalp and Hair treatment ㅣ Meso-Alopecia, Hydro Toxin
Body contour treatment ㅣ LLD, PPC, HPL and etc

Skin Rejuvenation