Bellavita Academy

Bellavita Academy

3,000+ doctors were trained and experienced expertise of filler for past 15 years.
Be familiar with the latest cosmetic surgery trends and skills by our specialists starting today!

Introducing Specialists

Latest 3D facial Rejuvenation
Dr. Shin, Moon Suk

-Director of Stem Cell Therapy Association of Korea
-Chief of the Facial Wrinkle Contour Laboratory
-Member of the Dermatology Science Institute of Korea
-Member of the Dermatology Laser Institute of Korea
-Doctor of Ruiri Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Shanghai
-Member of the International Beauty Surgery Academy
-Member of the International Cosmetic Laser Academy
-Member of the Cosmetic Institute of Korea
-Collaborative Director of the Medical Obesity of Korea
-Director of the Facial Contour Laboratory
-Author of Clinical Uses of Filler
-Author of Manual of Filler
-Chairman MD of the Mirror Cosmetic Clinic
-A patentee of Dermacell double line threads.
-Author of Dermacell lifting.

Bellavita Academy
Skin Hydration and Rejuvenation
Dr Kwack, Dong Gin

-Director of the Korea Cosmetic Surgery Academy
-Professor of the Ul-ji University
-Visiting professor of Kyung-Hee University Medical school
-Visiting professor of AHJOO University Medical school
-Achieved ‘Restylane’s the best Trainer
& Master Class’ award
-Author & video lecturer of Botulinum
Toxin in clinical aesthetic practice
-10years of experience in Botox & filler’s Petit surgery
academy for physicians.
-Mesotherapy lecture in Hong Kong, China and Philippines
-BellaVita injector cooperative inventor


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