Bellavita Filler™

Bellavita Filler™

Remember the moment that you need secrets by BellaVita Secret for perfect you.

– Woman that wants to be sexy all the time
– Woman who wants to be always perfect after giving birth.
– Woman that wishes to turn in to perfect lady secretly.

Characteristics of product


Hybrid-Tri Technology
– By cross linking both monophasic and biphasic, its unique structure outstands. Due to its special production process, 3D arrangement of HA improved viscoelasticity.


Differentiated safety

– High quality HA ingredient was used for safety issue.
– High technologized production progress minimized endotoxin level and protein content.
– Minimize BDDE residue amount by improving refining process to eliminate adverse effect.


Mannitol added as antioxidant
– Mannitol was added as antioxidant to prevent degradation of gel oxidation and to extent its durability and effect longer.


Convenience to use and satisfaction of patients

– Even sizes of gel particles make treatment more convenient.
– Containing lidocaine to reduce pain while treatment.
– Elasticity of gel increases lifting effect and satisfaction of treatment is high.


Double sterilization process
– Minimize microbial contamination and other risks by double sterilization process.

BellaVita Secret QnA

Q. How long does it take for treatment?
A. Usually it takes about 10 mins.

Q. How long does it take to recover after treatment?
A. Compare to its treatment, recover time is short, so can go back to everyday life routine right away.

Q. What are the possible adverse effects?
A. Seldom edema or pain can be appeared but will go away after few days.

Q. When can I do sexual activity after treatment?
A. We recommend about a week after treatment.

Q.  Is revise treatment possible?
A. if result of treatment is not satisfied, then it can be dissolved or revised and capable to apply additional treatment as well.