Exosomes can be used as a new treatment plan for the repair
and regeneration of skin tissue like skin aging, pigmented
skin diseases, hair loss, some immune-mediated skin diseases,
and connective tissue diseases.

Exobella Exosome is a pure exosomes and higher concentration of angiogenesis and
anti-inflammatory proteins (VEGF, EGF, IGF and Ang-1)

• Myocardium stem cell derived exosomes
• 20 times higher exosomes generation capability than adipose
• 2 to 3 times potency than exosomes derived from adipose tissue and placenta
• High tissue culture technology and higher purity
• Living exomes ( minimize the destruction of exosome during freeze drying operation)
• 1bilion particles per ml

• Skin regeneration
• Improve dry& rough skin
• Shrink pores
• Strengthen skin elasticity
• Moisturizing & Brightening
• Hair growth

Exosomes in Cutaneous Medical Aesthetics
A. Scar removal
Scarring is the biological process of wound healing after skin defects extend into the reticular dermis. CDCs-derived exosomes can inhibit scar formation and accelerate scar repair.
B. Skin rejuvenation
It is a process in which the skin loses its structural and functional characteristics through a series of physiological changes. CDCs-derived exosomes present great potential for cell-free intervention against skin aging.
C. Pigmentation regulation
The interaction between keratinocytes and melanocytes in the epidermis leads to skin pigmentation. Exosomes can incorporate various membrane proteins and cytosolic components to regulate pigmentation.
D. Hair growth
Hair loss is the degeneration of hair follicles due to various reasons. Dermal papilla cells-derived exosomes can regulate hair follicle (HF) growth and stimulate the proliferation and differentiation of outer root sheath cells (ORSCs).