Filler, Injector, Hydration Solution, BellaVita Academy and more
well prepared products and services for diverse areas.

With 10.2” touch screen display, user can apply depth and volume of the contents like hydration injection, PRP, and lipolysis injection by convenient operation settings which can expect detailed results.

Relieving pain with 34G / 32G fine needles and detailed treatment is available 9pin needle. Moreover, with disposable suction filter, more sanitary treatment is available and preventing contents being flowed inside of device

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BellaVita fillers are high density and high quality Hyaluronic filler with high viscoelasticity. Thus, its effectiveness of wrinkle improvement and longevity of volume are outstanding


Feel the salmon DNA directly to treat damaged skin cells, 
skin hydration and skin whitening.

Feel the salmon DNA and The patented Niacinamide peptide to
treat damaged skin cells, skin whitening and skin hydration.


StiCol is collagenesis filler that stimulates collagen inside
of skin to induce collagenesis and improves wrinkles and
volume losses.

It is advanced concept whitening solution. skin texture can be toned and can experience safe intense whitening treatment which is effective for whitening and wrinkle improvement.


Exosomes can be used as a new treatment plan for the repair
and regeneration of skin tissue like skin aging, pigmented
skin diseases, hair loss, some immune-mediated skin diseases,
and connective tissue diseases.

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Esbella is the latest lipolysis injection treatment which reduced edema Without swelling, we give your beautiful curves and lines back.


3,000+ doctors were trained and experienced expertise of filler for past 15 years.
Be familiar with the latest cosmetic surgery trends and skills by our specialists starting today!

Ionzyme DF machines from Environ has proved its effectiveness and stability for over 15 years. It maximize skin penetration up to 100 times with ionisable vitamin A solutions which were Swiss Vitamin Institute Certified for 25 years.

Cosmelan is rapid melasma treatment that improves pigmentation within about 4 weeks. It reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes of melanic origin. It also control tyrosinase and accelerates natural flaking process of corneum stratum for melanin elimination and regeneration of skin cells.

dexol box

Dexsol is an injectable dextran gel that is used that is used in the bladder to stop urine backflow from the bladder to the kidneys in children with a condition known as Vesico-Ureteral Reflux (or VUR). Its effectiveness and stability have been approved from KFDA and its insurance coverage reduces cost bearing of patients with the latest treatment for VUR.